General FAQ

Do I need to close my tailgate?
Yes, please ensure that your tailgate is closed before entering the wash.
Do I need to remove my trailer hitch?
Yes, please remove your trailer hitch before washing.
Do I need to remove my antenna?
Any fixed factory antenna will not be harmed during the wash. Power antennas are hollow core, and will break if left in the raised position, so please lower all power antennas. We are not responsible for antennas that have not been lowered. Aftermarket products such as CB and cell phone antennas should be removed prior to washing.
Do I need to clean out my truck bed?
Yes, please ensure that your truck bed is empty and clear of debris prior to washing.

Membership FAQ

How do I cancel my Membership?
You can discontinue your plan online or visit us and speak with a team member. There is no contract or obligation and you can cancel at any time (please allow 7 days to process). No refunds will be given when discontinuing.
How many times can I use my Membership in a day?
Your Membership is truly Unlimited. Wash as often as you need or would like.